[nSLUG] Screen's caption

Johnathan Thibodeau jthibo at chebucto.ns.ca
Wed Sep 23 01:09:33 ADT 2009

Mike.lifeguard wrote:

> Also learned to set $PS1="\[\e]0;\u@\H: \w\a\]\u@\h:\w$ " to remove more
> cruft.
> I'm sure the sysadmins think they're oh-so-clever, making things "fancy"
> (read: annoying as all getout)

You say you cut it *down* to that? Disregarding the title bar stuff, 
what was it before the surgery?

I go with the Debian default of \u@\h:\w\$, but years back, just for a 
laugh, I once set all my accounts to PS1="\n\n          ". Now that's 
minimalistic. Once I got accustomed to it, it wasn't as crazy as it may 
look. An indent of 10 spaces is quite functional as a prompt, and the 
blank lines help distinguish output from sequential commands as you 
scroll through the history buffer. I'm sure some people will say "Why 
would you even bother doing that?", but like I said it was just for fun.


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