[nSLUG] Software Freedom Day

Richard Bonner ak621 at chebucto.ns.ca
Fri Sep 11 12:23:00 ADT 2009

On Thu, 10 Sep 2009, Mike.lifeguard wrote:

> I'm hoping to get Dal computer science society to do something for 
> Software Freedom Day - have you contacted them about working 
> together on setting up an installfest or something?

***   I have been unable to reach the DAL ACM and am too busy to 
track them down.

> I'd really like to do an installfest - regardless which group can 
> make it happen.

***   I agree.

> Ideally that'd be on Dal campus - is there a reason a library in 
> Bayer's lake was chosen?

***   It's in Clayton Park. We want to take SFD to the public. Also, 
Dal can't be used by outside groups except for booking an expansive 
venue such as the McInnis Room.

> Seems awfully far away from any residential areas, and only one bug 
> route to get there.

***   It's not in Bayer's Lake. Clayton Park has major residential 
areas and good access via Dunbrack Street and Lacewood.

> DalCSS would be able to get good space, probably.

***   The last Installfest was held there and it was a dud.

> Anyways, I'm willing to help out if an installfest is on the menu :D
> *I have ubuntu ISOs downloaded and a stack of CDs
> *I have 2 good powerbars we can use if needed
> *I can help with ubuntu installs where nothing goes horribly wrong & I
> can probably manage with other distros too
> *I have an ubuntu install that could be setup for people to test drive
> if needed

***   All sounds good. Bring your stuff on the 19th. Be aware though, 
that I can't guarantee that anyone will actually show up to have 
Linux installed.

> I've emailed Chris Cook (cook at cs.dal.ca) about getting DalCSS to host an
> installfest, but I think it'd be better to run only one, so I'd invite
> you to email him about working together (& feel free to CC me if you do)
> and whether the Keshen Goodman library is the best location.

***   The Keshen is already booked and will not be changed at this 
point. We would like the DAL ACM to advertise and host an installfest 
on the 19th at the Keshen, if they are willing. Some NSLUG members 
have also agreed to participate.

       Richard Bonner

   Halifax Computer Club

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