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Wed Sep 30 22:55:24 ADT 2009

we're gradually learning to adopt corporate attitudes and behavior.
But large corporations are intrinsically psychopaths [1], witness
Friedman, whose acolytes most corporate execs are.

       Milton Friedman's misfortune is that his economic policies have
       been tried.                   -- John Kenneth Galbraith

>> So MMT is bad?
> Never heard of it. (the name or the acronym).

Adjunct to tetra-ethyl lead in gasoline, then a replacement for
it. Toxic risk via dermal absorption from liquid gas or fumes.  Jury
is still out on potential chronic toxicity of manganese.  AFAIK,
currently legal in US and Canadian gasoline.

> I feel that at least I am throwing out ideas and generating
> discussion, while most of the replies have been getting are of the
> tone that I should not be questioning the authority of the
> RFCs. This disturbs me.

I think the predominant notion is that users should conform to RFC
protocol because RFCs are the central place one looks to figure out
what the software (and thus other people) can be expected to do.  

> RFC 822 is 25 years old. It is:
>  - dated and possibly obsolete

RFC 2822 is 8 years old and is pretty clear on the construction of the
References: and In-reply-to: fields.  Your mail reader can to anything
you know how to make it do but you can expect other people to look at
2822 to figure out what the canonical mail software format is and

> - a request for comment. My comment is: we need a new system

Verbal conversation has all kinds of highgly evolved tricks to change
the subject, continue a suspended subject, hijack a thread etc.  RFC
2822 seems to me to be working if you pay attention.  Maybe not for

- Mike

[1] DSM IV: antisocial personality disorder, aka psychopath, aka

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