[nSLUG] server fault - web site for system administrator Q & A

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 09:03:17 ADT 2009

Yesterday I happened upon serverfault.com when looking for an answer
to a question.  It is not your typical forum site.  Questions are tagged
rather than put into topic zones, and points are rewarded for useful

I saw a question about cacti which was not answered well
and added an answer using an instant user name but
not registered.  A few minutes later I noticed this user
name had 11 points.  There is a "badge" for getting a point
on your first answer, and that is where the extra points came in.

I thought I'd play this game and see if it was easy to get
more points.  Some questions were newbie questions and
people already had nabbed those for points.  Other questions were
fascinating to read for the wealth of knowledge and variety of
solutions out there.  There are a few Debian and
Ubuntu admins on this site with a stack of experience and knowledge.

The quality of this site is improved by having the points system.
As well as earning points, points can be lost for providing bad
answers.  It is possible to lose points for asking
a poor question as well.

There was an interesting question on how to maintain hundreds of Debian
servers.  In that I learned about project spacewalk, debmarshall, and
packages apt-dater, clusterssh, and puppet.

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