[nSLUG] Please do not use Reply for new topics

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Fri Oct 9 14:24:01 ADT 2009

On Fri, 9 Oct 2009 09:59:27 -0700 (PDT)
odoepner <odoepner at gmail.com> wrote:
> I agree. I would much rather prefer that - at least on the NSLUG mailing list
> - people use "Reply to" properly.
> I do not read NSLUG messages on my Gmail account. I read (and reply) only
> via nabble.com. My Gmail account is set up to delete all NSLUG emails
> immediately ... :^)

You can modify your subscription settings using your mailing list
password to disable email delivery, by the way.  Think of all of the
electrons you will save!

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