[nSLUG] question...

jim dorey skaar at ns.sympatico.ca
Tue Oct 6 04:19:55 ADT 2009

Michael Crawford wrote:
> On 10/4/09, Michael Gillie <mikegpc at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I'm wondering if anyone in the linux community might
>> have a very old 486 motherboards and CPU's?
> See if a local electronics recycler might have one.  The recycler
> where I live (in California) will give me all the PCs I can take,
> absolutely free.
> Another option would be a PC 104 board; I believe that's a compact 486
> motherboard with an ISA bus.  There are also PC 104+ boards - those
> have PCI I think.
> I don't think a PC 104 board would be very expensive.
> Mike

in my memory, pc-104 is very expensive, very, it's almost completely 
modular, it's extremely robust, has great industry support, all the big 
things, but it's really not for a regular user, or an embedded 
developer.  sometimes, there may be an important function that's only 
available on an expensive module, and you only need that function, so 
parts go to waste...anyways, try tern, gumstix, or mini-itx.

as near as i can remember, they even have 386 embedded core modules, 
with lots of features, available at tern.  the older gumstix core 
are...i think, based on a wildly overclocked 486, and pretty cheap, 
maybe there's something pre-pentium on itx somewhere.  however, i've 
gotten into deep waters of 'buy new', but that's not so great...maybe 
you can find an old POS system that a store's tossing.

i got an ncr system 3230 once from a reseller that got it from a grocery 
store, built like a tank, and worked perfectly, just needed a new hard 
disk...i still have the hard disk, i wish i still had the system too, 
but i think barrington's completely cleaned out old hardware by now, 
maybe a school's got some.

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