[nSLUG] [Linux Gurus] LXDE volume control

Hatem Nassrat hnassrat at gmail.com
Sun Nov 29 03:10:25 AST 2009

On Sun, Nov 29, 2009 at 2:14 AM, jim dorey <skaar at ns.sympatico.ca> wrote:
> i think, if you run kdeinit, you can get d-bus, the commands for d-bus
> are useful.

I beliee this is the route i ended uop taking. I added a few .desktop
files (PS. I am not a fan of thsi new Autostart system) to
/etc/xdg/autostart/... and started up kmix, kpowersave, krunner (since
I <3 kde) and can now use the hotkeys and the features.

Hatem Nassrat

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