[nSLUG] [Linux Gurus] LXDE volume control

jim dorey skaar at ns.sympatico.ca
Sat Nov 28 19:14:20 AST 2009

Gerard MacNeil wrote:

> These, I don't think, have anything to do with a taskbar volume applet.
> Gerard

the taskbar applet should respond to changes made directly in the mixer, 
and that can be controlled outside the graphical environment, probably 
something like

alsamixer volume +1

or something.  though you'd probably want to do it that way, and through 
x, x intercepts the keyboard for nearly everything, so when x is down, 
there's no volume control, but you can have x route to the exact same 
command you use on the command line, you won't have to figure out how to 
do it two completely different ways.

i think, if you run kdeinit, you can get d-bus, the commands for d-bus 
are useful.

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