[nSLUG] More free stuff (well it's old and needs repair)

Pat Gagnon patgagnon at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 18:45:10 AST 2009

Hello all, I have 3 old working P75 laptops and a 17" LCD monitor that needs
power capacitors changed.


The LCD monitor is a Viewsonic VX715 and it turns off about 5 seconds after
power on.  Turn it off and back on and it does the same again.  There are
some forum posts that suggest bad capacitors from China in the power module.
In case there are some who still fancy working with the soldering iron.  No
cables included.


The laptops are AST Ascenta J series J10 P/75 CSS10.  No USB, no CD/DVD (I
don't have the external wire for them either).  Win 98 loaded and internet
working via a PCMCIA card (not included).  Batteries will not hold charge.
Screen resolutions aren't the best either.  


Will go to recycling on Tuesday if no one wants them.


Contact me at patgagnon AT gmail.com or 431-0226.





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