[nSLUG] Free goods

Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Mon Nov 16 20:40:18 AST 2009

Good Day All;

I have a good working P3 850 MHZ computer.  Has 256 mb ram, video card and  
network card.  Have just booted it from a CD and am running forensic wipe on 
the massive 4.3 GB hard drive. (8-o)

Has a working CD reader.

Unit is filthy from an industrial location.  It has a QDI-Legend brand BX 
series motherboard.  

Has PS2 size keyboard and mouse connectors.

This unit is FREE.  It will NOT be delivered or dropped off anywhere.  The unit 
will be kept until Thursday AM.  If nobody calls by then it will be recycled.

Call my home 477-8342 before 9:30 PM Monday or my cell 499-5250  Tuesday or 

Jim Haliburton

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