[nSLUG] webcams...

jim dorey skaar at ns.sympatico.ca
Mon Nov 16 08:59:04 AST 2009

jim dorey wrote:
> i've had luck with the quickcam i got at the futureshop on sale for 20 
> bucks, it's the model that hangs on a laptop screen, eyeball shaped(put 
> a cross in the room, use it to autofocus, motorise the lens?), e2500 
> chip or something, worked fine, i installed a newer slackware version, 
> didn't bother to enable the camera again.  i usually save my config 
> files, but i'm not sure if it was a config file or a header file or 
> what, that i changed, i'll be digging around eventually, a toe to the 
> butt might help.

was diggin around my source directory, found the related diff file.

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