[nSLUG] Wikipedia (Was: "Cat5e vs Cat6")

Richard Bonner ak621 at chebucto.ns.ca
Tue Nov 3 10:14:24 AST 2009

On Mon, 2 Nov 2009, Mike.lifeguard wrote:

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>>> I'm getting really annoyed at people pissing on wikipedia.
>>> -D.

>> Richard Bonner wrote:
>> ***   Sorry about that, but I am really annoyed with the people who
>> don't check Wiki's facts with legitimate sources and then tout the
>> information as having come from a reputable resource.
> Luckily, you're both right. Not fact-checking is wrong (sources are
> generally cited, making it ridiculously easy) -- but so is mindlessly
> complaining about reliability (when in reality, the content is pretty
> good, and easily checked, and editable when it is wrong,

***   I agree that it is pretty good - and often excellent when you 
get a good researcher/writer. However, as far as editing goes, I have 
been tempted to do so but am just too busy to take the time. I suspect 
that is the case often enough that wrong facts and misconceptions will 
become part of the public's perceptions of various subjects.

    This has happened many times in the popular media with a famous one 
being that Houdini drowned in his "Water Cell Torture" thanks to a 
Hollywood movie pumping up reality. I even found that misconception in 
a printed almanac reference!

    A more recent example was the outcry from the science community 
regarding the wrong science in one of those asteroid disaster movies. 
It's very hard to turn public perception around once one of these bad 
ideas gets ingrained.

> and you shouldn't be citing it for most purposes anyways).
> - -Mike

***   Yes, but unfortunately the public will continue to do so.  )-:


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