[nSLUG] Suggestions for Distro

Warren Robertson wrobertson at dal.ca
Fri May 29 14:02:41 ADT 2009


I've been a Redhat (Fedora) user since Redhat 3. I'm also a KDE user,
which is kinda strange as Redhat has always pushed Gnome as the default.
I also always install the latest version as soon as it appears. Fedora
11 which I installed on my laptop, RC1, will be out next week. It's the
first version that worked with the installed wireless right out of the
gate with no tinkering. WPA, un-broadcast sid and stuff...

We use Linux quite a bit for our labs and stuff and I'm a believer. I
also have a server for all of our workgroup stuff and I upgrade it every
two releases just to keep in the supported version.

So one vote for Fedora!

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