[nSLUG] Suggestions for Venue

Sissiboo sissiboo at gmail.com
Mon May 25 18:11:26 ADT 2009

derek mahoney wrote:
> Hey All,
> I have been a member of this LUG for a little bit now and haven't
> contributed all that much. I mostly just read the responses and see if
> there is anything of interest there. However I am a Linux enthusiast and
> am always preaching about it to people who don't care.
> Anyway, My friend currently works as a bartender at Club 1668 and he
> recently just had his hours cut back. The owner told him that if he can
> bring people in, then he can work those hours and hence make more money.
> this will also bring more people in and money to his colleagues.
> So As a part of that, when he brought it up to me, I suggested doing
> something involved with Linux and he liked the idea. I told him I would
> put the word out and see if anyone had any suggestions or ideas or was
> just looking for a venue.
> So Is anyone is interested in having a Linux related night of some sort
> at Club 1668? Keep in mind it is a bar and they probably want people to
> order drinks and such. And because of the setup of the bar it would
> probably be good to have some sort of an event happening.
> I have not been in the bar yet so I don't know what the setup is like.
> But if anyone has any ideas of doing something here then it would be a
> venue to have it. Something like a speaker or a presentation or
> something along those lines.
> I figured I'd put the word out there and see if anyone was interested or
> had any suggestions. If there is enough interest, I would have to let my
> friend know and he could setup a time and date. It would have to be on a
> week night which sucks.
> Anyway, like I said, tell me your thoughts.
> Thanks,
> Derek.
All well and good, but where is the bar and what is the parking
situation like? I don't go to the current meetings because it's
inconvenient. I like in Mount Uniacke, not that far away, but it's out
of range of my electric roller skates so I have to take my car.

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