[nSLUG] OT: Electronics parts

Bill Davidson billdavidson at eastlink.ca
Wed May 20 22:16:10 ADT 2009

Michael Crwford wrote:
> Both are in the US though so you'd have to pay import duty when your
> order is delivered.

Yes, this is why I'm asking if anyone has experience with local, or at least 
Canadian mail-order, suppliers.  Preferably local.  What I hate about 
mail-order is putting together an order for, say, $50, than finding there is 
$30 shipping + $who-knows for duty + $GST + $whatever.  But I want 
more/better that can be found in The Source.

Surely there is somebody in Burnside selling this stuff?  Or at least 
Montreal and willling to drop a few parts in an envelope and send them via 
Canada Post and charge me $10 postage or something.

I don't want to clutter this Linux list with this, but I'm not sure where to 
ask around.  If it helps, I'm thinking of building a portable headphone 
amplifier, like a cmoy 
(http://headwize.com/projects/showfile.php?file=cmoy2_prj.htm) or better. 
Of course, every resource I find on the web points to American suppliers 
wich opens up a whole new set of hassles.  In my experience, our 
much-vaunted "free-trade" agreements don't mean a thing if you are a 
consumer, but are designed to save money for large corporations.

Oops, OT again....

Bill Davidson

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