[nSLUG] Would like to borrow a charger for a MacBookPro for a week

Daniel MacKay daniel at bonmot.ca
Fri May 15 08:34:05 ADT 2009

I've been thinking of what would happen to me if my MacBook Pro  
charging cable died -- of the cat chewing it, what I used to call  
"wire disease" - that the conductors break where they enters the  
terminal, or I lose it, simple failure of the transformer etc.

One possibility is this :


which also gets me 12v operation / charging capability which has  
substantial value for me, however it is insanely expensive.

The other possibility is to just buy a spare 85W brick - I can always  
plug it in to an inverter to get a somewhat less efficient 12v power  
supply. There are 85W adaptors on eBay for < $40 USD, ebay for  

The other possibility is to buy another battery and an external charger.

I think that's it for options.

Note that the Apple "Airplane" adaptor which (I think) also converts  
12v, will run the MacBook but will not charge the battery.  I don't  
know why not.

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