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>  On Mon, 2009-05-04 at 21:52 +0000, Ian Campbell wrote:
> No tongue lashing? See Ted T'so's response to the ext4 posix behaviour
> drama.
> FWIW, I thought he has been remarkably polite; if there was a
> tongue-lashing I've missed it. And he's right, which counts for something :P
A person can be altruistic and still engage in debates and have
disagreements with other's ideas.  It's part of being human to
have these clashes - it doesn't mean you don't want to improve
things in the world, only that the envisioned paths and solutions differ.

I know there are disagreements, there are forked projects,
there are raving freakouts, there are egomanics, and there
are people who have to quit because they no longer have the time.

But the impression I am stuck with, are the images I see of
people at debconf conferences.  That, to me, says a lot about
the humanity behind open source development.  Find some of
those pictures, and ask yourself: "why are they there, what
do they hope to do?"  There is an amount of sacrifice
involved in this, and I doubt much of it is returned in
any sort of monetary rewards.  There are loud examples of
ego being part of it, but really it is a minority.

Being cynical is a by-product of hearing the news and the
non-sense that goes on with politics at work.   There are many
positive things happening, but you won't learn about them
passively by listening for the news - you have to go out
there, participate and you will find it.  That will cure cynicism.

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