[nSLUG] Looking for a DNS secondary partner

Michael Crawford mdcrawford at gmail.com
Sat May 2 06:40:48 ADT 2009

For my own domains, for the next year or so I'm not at all concerned
about performance.  I just don't expect to get a lot of traffic.

What I'm the most concerned about is making some kind of mistake in
the configuration or installation, so that either my service isn't
reliable, or my servers get 0wnz0r3d.

This because I've never operated my own DNS server before.

In the hopeful event that a year from now I get so many visitors that
performance *is* an issue, I expect to be experienced enough that I
can easily get it right.

Given all that, which DNS software do you all think I ought to run?


Michael David Crawford
mdcrawford at gmail dot com

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