[nSLUG] Re: No beep

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Mon Jun 8 13:20:54 ADT 2009

I'm just a little slow sometimess but I  think I finally get it.  

Ben Armstrong wrote:

> This *sounds* like it takes input from the PC speaker from your
> system ...  If sound is integrated on the motherboard, you probably
> won't be able to see this connection.

Both machines in question have on-mobo sound "cards".

> It's not a kernel thing, but a sound card thing.  Particularly with
> integrated chipsets we have found that there are differences within
> the very same chipset from one motherboard to the next.

Ah.  I wouldn't have expected that, surely wouldn't have known it.
I'm pretty clear on the basic concepts of ADC and I'm okay with
plugging in cards but I'm real vague on the wildly heterogeneous
technology that lies between them. :-)

> Compare the output of 'amixer' on each system.

Ah, sooooo.  Finally hit on the right hentracks to type.  The P3 shows
a "PC Speaker"  as one of many "simple controls".  The P4 does not. That
means the chips(et) on the P4 just don't got the physical connections
to run/emulate the pc speaker, right?

>> Or is this obviously a difference in functionality of the on-board sound
>> cards (82801EB/ER vs. 82801BA/BAM)? 
> Yes.

Okay, I guess I've got it. This box is incapable of beeping unless I
do some arcane hardware hack or modify the source code of everything
that thinks it can send ^G to a/the terminal.

Maybe I can just stick another sound card in it if I can find a vendor
who can actually produce detailed specs before purchase.

Thanks for your help and patience,
- Mike

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