[nSLUG] (1) X dies on return from VT switch (2) No beep

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Baha Baydar wrote:
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> *snip* No idea about X...
>> 2. There's no bell.  No matter whether it's in Emacs, in an xterm or in
>>   a console when X hasn't even been started.  No beep.  Even this:
>>      /bin/echo -ne '\007'
>>   doesn't beep.
>>   Sound system plays video file sound track, sound files, CD audio,
>>   DVD video sound track.  I've tried all possible settings in aumix.
>>   I note that the aumix GUI shows a slider for "Spkr" on my present
>>   machine (IBM PIII) which *does* control the beep volume.  There's
>>   no such slider in the aumix panel on the Dell I'm trying to set up.
>>   I don't understand why. Is there a clue here?
>>   lspci shows:
>>       Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation 82801EB/ER
>>       (ICH5/ICH5R) AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 02
>>   My current machine (IBM PIII) beeps through the sound card and
>>   external speakers.  "xset b" works as advertised. But the Dell
>>   doesn't beep no matter what I do. [2]
>>   Any ideas?
> Many machines don't ship with an internal speaker/buzzer these days
> and don't route the audio from the speaker pins on the mobo to the
> sound card. My suggestion would be to crack open the case and find out
> if you A) have a speaker/buzzer B) where the pins/header for the
> speaker are so you can hook one up and/or wire it to your sound card.
Also, since a few kernels ago - the PC speaker is its own module.
If you want it enabled, you need to load the pcspkr module
Check to see if thats loaded - then check your alsamixer settings
You may need to save the state into called /etc/asound.state

Check out the /etc/rc.alsa  file for defaults or run the alsamixer, 
adjust settings,
then run  "/usr/sbin/alsactl store"  which saves it to the asound.state 


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