[nSLUG] XEN & Heartbeat

Oliver Baltzer oliver at hytek.org
Tue Jun 2 23:24:35 ADT 2009

Ian Campbell wrote:
> Assuming 1, Oliver's solution is probably the best, although it would
> likely be that it would be more like restarting from a crash than a
> cold boot. I expect you would need a fsck, probably mysql's table
> check etc. because the VM's disk would have been left in a bad state.

Something to add here is that you would want the VM's disk images to be
direct block devices, i.e. DRBD or DRBD/LVM, not images on a file
system. I am not sure how Xen access disk images that are sitting on a
file system, but the host OS may do some unwanted caching (likely making
your VM really fast), which is another layer of non-persistent data that
gets lost on a crash.


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