[nSLUG] XEN & Heartbeat

Miles Thompson miles at allnovascotia.com
Tue Jun 2 21:03:02 ADT 2009

We're looking at replacing our web and email servers; hypervisor's intrigue me.

If anyone has experience with this, would it be possible to have two 
boxes, call them Left and Right. Both running XEN and configured with 
identical virtual machines, with this software:
  - Apache
  - MySQL
  - Pure-ftp
  - iFolder
  - Postfix / CYRUS

Email and iFolder would each get their own virtual machines.

Heres the crunch, I think. Could the load be split this way:
- web server
   (3 sites and 3 IPs, as each has its own SSL cert)
- FTP (another IP and SSL cert)
- iFolder

- email server

Disk configuration: MIrrored terabyte SATA disks in each box, and 
heartbeat keeps them in sync.

(Remember - the two boxes are configured identically, I really just 
want to split the load. Our email server is much busier than the web servers.)

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Regards - Miles

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