[nSLUG] (1) X dies on return from VT switch (2) No beep

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*snip* No idea about X...
> 2. There's no bell.  No matter whether it's in Emacs, in an xterm or in
>   a console when X hasn't even been started.  No beep.  Even this:
>      /bin/echo -ne '\007'
>   doesn't beep.
>   Sound system plays video file sound track, sound files, CD audio,
>   DVD video sound track.  I've tried all possible settings in aumix.
>   I note that the aumix GUI shows a slider for "Spkr" on my present
>   machine (IBM PIII) which *does* control the beep volume.  There's
>   no such slider in the aumix panel on the Dell I'm trying to set up.
>   I don't understand why. Is there a clue here?
>   lspci shows:
>       Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation 82801EB/ER
>       (ICH5/ICH5R) AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 02
>   My current machine (IBM PIII) beeps through the sound card and
>   external speakers.  "xset b" works as advertised. But the Dell
>   doesn't beep no matter what I do. [2]
>   Any ideas?

Many machines don't ship with an internal speaker/buzzer these days
and don't route the audio from the speaker pins on the mobo to the
sound card. My suggestion would be to crack open the case and find out
if you A) have a speaker/buzzer B) where the pins/header for the
speaker are so you can hook one up and/or wire it to your sound card.

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