[nSLUG] legacy hardware: DEC Alphaserver

Ron Dewar epiman46 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 1 08:35:42 ADT 2009

Speaking of historical hardware, I have a unit I would like to give away:

DEC Alphaserver 1000A  model 5/333
256 Meg  (room for more, of course, I just never felt the need)
3 scsi disks (2GB, 9Gb, 9Gb)   7 slots, but only 3 disk caddies
Currently running Debian etch

I had set it up as a webserver and fileserver, but I really don't need a
project like this any more.  It has been working 24/7 for something like 5
years, and was very solid.  Power failures, brownouts, inadvertent power
loss - just hit the switch, and it would come up again.

Available to anyone who would like to play with older hardware.  Pickup
preferred, but delivery can be arranged, if needs be.

Contact me off the list at

Ron.dewar at ccns.nshealth.ca
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