[nSLUG] Getting the most out of our wiki

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Thu Jul 9 06:37:21 ADT 2009

During the last monthly meeting we had some interesting discussions,
and some references to web sites came up that would have been tedious
to have everyone who was interested write down, so I threw together
some notes onto my wiki profile page before we left:


The wiki is there for everyone to use and refer to.  All you need to do
to get started is click "login / create account" and then "Create an
account".  If you want to see what has changed in the wiki recently,
use "Recent changes" (in the sidebar):


This page also has RSS / Atom feeds if you want to subscribe to stay up
to date with changes.

If there's a project you've always wanted to get nSLUG involved in, why
not launch into it with a wiki page for it?


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