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Mon Jul 6 12:34:01 ADT 2009

    It would seem at first glance that the idea of a simple text
    editor is a pretty silly idea--after all, how much can you really
    do with just plain text without formatting or fonts or anything?
    But a good text editor does more than just edit files: syntax
    highlighting (coloring of special keywords and phrases for some
    programming language) and automatic indentation...

Not to mention mouse support and a menu bar, eh?  Gak!  I actually use
an old version of GNU Emacs that doesn't do all that chrome and disable
other bits of it in the config file. Several instances of very plain
Emacs (some in an xterm, some as X-native) is good enough.

> Please take this with a grain of salt, especially if you prefer
> using an operating system disguised as a text editor.

And not a word against vi, which has saved me several times on rescue
boot-ups where Emacs wasn't available.  But color highlighting is an
abomination and auto-indent a royal PITA, regardless of the editor
that implements it.  OTOH, M-x hexlify-buffer is real handy
for.... but that's another story. :-)

The garden calls. Cucumbers to pick, weeds to pull, asparagus to
mulch, deer fence to upgrade.

So back to your regularly scheduled programming,
- Mike

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