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Rich budman85 at eastlink.ca
Fri Jan 30 19:23:53 AST 2009

Dop Ganger wrote:
> On Thu, 29 Jan 2009, Daniel Morrison wrote:
> I would mount the filesystem readonly with the -r argument for mount.
>> And then?  How to find and copy data without stressing the disk or
>> (worst case) crashing your system?
> Crossed fingers? ;-)
> I always operate on images I've taken. Anything that can't be read on the 
> original drive is usually not readable without sending it off to a DR lab 
> anyway, so when I do it I try to pull off as much data as possible and 
> leave the original drive to one side.

Last drive I had an issue with died in the middle fscking.
The only way to get at it was comment out the entries in fstab,
then once the system booted (using DVD), I was able to mount
the drive manually.

I started to copy what I could, I saved about 99% of the drive.
There were some old dirs that were trashed, but from what it
looked like, it was just old tmp dir stuff.  Nothing major.

I was amazed at how long the drive lasted.  It had one really
bad section - even tagging the blocks bad didn't help.

I remember years ago, one of the secretary's saying there is this
high pitch screeching sound coming from my computer.  hehe
The drive was so bad - I was amazed I actually got data off it.

Never heard of the freezer trick. :)  
An old spin-up trick was to rotate the spindle shaft from the
outside of the drive.  Todays shafts are smaller and recessed
making it harder to even try to rotate.

Crossing fingers and praying sometimes works. :)


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