[nSLUG] Data Recovery...

Daniel Morrison draker at gmail.com
Fri Jan 30 19:04:33 AST 2009

2009/1/30 Dop Ganger <nslug at fop.ns.ca>:
> I find sdd (ftp://ftp.berlios.de/pub/sdd) a preferable alternative as it
> copes better with failing drives.

Thanks for that tip -- I didn't know about sdd.
It's a SING utility... "Schily Is Not Gnu" !!

>> Can you explain?

> dd will retry multiple times to read the data. sdd -noerror -noseek will
> only try the once, which (a) significantly speeds things up, and (b) means
> if it's a mechanical problem it puts less stress on the failing part so
> it's more likely the copy will complete.

Thanks, that's very informative.

> I have used mke2fs -S in the past to rescue a drive with multiple trashed
> superblocks. As the man page notes, this is very much a last ditch option,
> but it does actually work and turned a drive full of random noise back
> into my Courier source code with only a few errors.

Scary stuff!


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