[nSLUG] Data Recovery...

Stephen Gregory nslug at kernelpanic.ca
Thu Jan 29 21:31:00 AST 2009

dlpotter at eastlink.ca wrote:
> The drive spools up... The errors started this morning with mangled directories...

There is a miraculous drive recovery method that may or may not work. It
is a great last ditch effort when there is no better way to recover
data. It is the Freezer Trick. It does not always work, but it is great
when it does.

Put the drive in the freezer for 12 or more hours.

take the drive out, and put in plastic bag (to reduce/prevent condensation)

1: wait 30 mins
2: attempt to read from drive
3: if drive == readable then copy MOST IMPORTANT DATA FIRST
4: else goto 1:

I had to wait 6 hours to pull data off of a laptop drive. I recovered
/home. The rest is easy to replace.

Who knows how long your drive will work. It could be hours, or it could
be minutes. You should be ready with other drive space to put your
important data. You should be ready with a plan of what to copy with the
most important data first. You should have a block of time free when you
can be near you computer to try this.


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