[nSLUG] Richard Stallman in Halifax

Michael Crawford mdcrawford at gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 13:27:19 AST 2009

I have long been in Stallman's camp, and long opposed to Raymond.

That's why my program Ogg Frog is Free Software and *not* Open Source:


(But note there are no releases yet.)

I'm planning to add an essay to the website that explains why, in some
detail, Ogg Frog is Free and not Open.

But my argument - and in my understanding, Stallman's argument as
well, boils down to this:

- Open Source aims to be effective

- Free Software aims to do what is right

Now, you might because of your own choice prefer effectiveness over
ethics, but just because of who I am, I do what is right before I ever
consider doing what works well.

It gets me in trouble sometimes - I'm out of work right now, during
the worst economy since the Great Depression, because I quit my job in
protest over an ethical dispute.

It's the longest I've ever been out of work, so I'm getting to be in
quite a fix - but I'd do it again in a heartbeat, if the same
situation ever arose again.

I have the very strong impression that many Open Source advocates
would really prefer Free Software, if they were to ever consider the
essential differences between them.  Unfortunately, many never even
think to do so.

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