[nSLUG] Richard Stallman in Halifax

Joshua B. juggins at gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 12:40:51 AST 2009

On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 9:59 AM, Richard Bonner <ak621 at chebucto.ns.ca> wrote:
> On Wed, 28 Jan 2009, Daniel Morrison wrote:
>> tour through the philosophies of Free Software (although it did seem
>> to bog down a little during the "Gnu-slash-Linux" plea).
> ***   I agree. However, one might expect there to be some of that
> given his role in that system.

If he wasn't such an extremist I probably would have found this part
annoying but he managed to convince me that it's at least consistent
for him to keep harping on this point. However it does raise a
paradox. If "open source" wasn't such a pragmatic and ethically
agnostic movement would it have been as successful? And if "open
source" was so successful would "free software" receive even a
fraction of the attention it does now.

RMS said at one point that that if he's "the father of open source"
the child was begotten with purloined sperm without his knowledge or
consent. It may be fair to call the open source movement his
illegitimate child - but should admit at least that that bastard is
making him famous.

>> Nothing he said was particularly new (although there were topical
>> jokes: Bush couldn't recognize freedom even after he crushed it).
>> But the presentation was thorough and well-presented. An excellent
>> introduction as well as a good review.

I'm sure I had already read most of the things I heard him talk about
but it was well worth it to hear it in person. The impact of in-person
delivery makes the message feel fresh all over again. And of course
the brief visitation of St. Ignucious was a life-changing moment. Well
worth the trip to Halifax.

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