[nSLUG] Converting Richard to Linux.

Richard Bonner ak621 at chebucto.ns.ca
Thu Jan 29 11:47:32 AST 2009

On Thu, 29 Jan 2009, Rich wrote:

> Mike Spencer wrote:

>> Richard "***"  Bonner <ak621 at chebucto.ns.ca> wrote:
>>> PS: Linux people, please don't kill me; I fear I have inadvertently
>>> hijacked the group.  (-:
>> That's okay, Richard, because we know we might be about to convert you
>> to Slackware any month now. :-) For a long time I made MS-DOS look as
>> much like Unix as possible (awk, perl, Jove, GNUish utils etc.)  I'm
>> sure we could make Linux, even with an X windomanager, look,  even
>> maybe behave, enough like DOS to keep you happy.
> You can run dosbox and play old dos games and apps on Linux.

***   Not good enough. I want all the operational speed, efficiency 
and directness of DOS, as well.


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