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Richard, great job lighting West Side Story.  I saw it and you did a great

On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 8:29 PM, Richard Bonner <ak621 at chebucto.ns.ca>wrote:

> On Wed, 28 Jan 2009, Daniel Morrison wrote:
> > 2009/1/28 Richard Bonner <ak621 at chebucto.ns.ca>:
> >> ***   I think I was there till about 10:15. I spoke with Richard for
> >> a few minutes at the very end, mainly in relation to the somewhat poor
> >> setup due to deficiency in the organisation of the lecture. Since this
> >> is my professional field, I am more critical, but briefly, there
> >> should have been proper lighting and Richard should have at least
> >> been provided with water for his two-hour, plus talk. I also felt that
> >> flash photography should have been prohibited.
> >
> > Water and flash photography: I agree.  Or there could have been a
> > specific time set aside for photographs.
> ***   I don't mind non-flash photos, and provided that those with
> digital cameras also use the viewfinder instead of the view screen.
> >>    I put blame on both sides: Richard (or his people) for not
> >> specifying better in his contract rider as to exactly what was
> >> required, and Dal tech crew for not better anticipating what a
> >> lecturer might require, rider or not.
> >
> > The bright light shining on Richard was for Eastlink TV;
> ***   Yes, but in a venue with all the lighting it has, Eastlink
> should not have even needed to set up any additional lighting. I
> understand that the crew is students with a regular change-over, but
> the long-term tech employees should have taken a closer hand there. I
> would never light a lecturer as they did: one-sided, spill on a video
> screen, and angles not far enough off to the side. Done properly,
> Richard could have been comfortable *and* the levels would have been
> enough for video.
> > with those lights dimmed, they were unable to record the lecture,
> > I'm told. However this doesn't explain why the hall was dark.  I
> > suspect this is standard procedure for the format of the hall
> > (passive audience, presentations going-on on stage).
> ***   It is typical. Realise though, that some lecturers prefer to not
> see much of their audience, while others want eye contact. For my
> gigs, I work all that out ahead of time to be sure the on-stage
> personalities are comfortable and have what they require to be so.
> > I think RMS prefers a more informal, conversational dialogue.
> ***   I agree.
> > What I can't understand is why, having turned up the house lights,
> > it wasn't possible to increase the overall brightness, and record
> > anyway.
> ***   There was more than enough light level for video even with
> just the house lights (which were actually work lights, by the way).
> They would only have had to redo the white balance for metal halides.
> The scene would have been bland for television, but still seen by the
> cameras.
> > I imagine it was quite stressful during the opening few minutes for
> > the organizers to try to balance Richard's request for a lighting
> > change, with the requirements for Eastlink, and in the end, Eastlink
> > lost out.  At a guess, perhaps the Eastlink arrangements were fairly
> > last-minute to begin with. So really it came off quite well in the
> > end, I think!
> ***   Oh, I don't disagree. I just wish the Dal crew had been
> experienced enough to deal with what was thrown at them - last minute
> or not. I would have loved to have done the gig, but I can't be
> everywhere!  (-:
>  Richard
> PS: I apologies for taking the group so far off topic, but for those
> that care, here are some of my recent lighting projects. Sorry - no
> photos of any of the lecturers I have lighted recently.  (-:
>               http://www.chebucto.ca/~ak621/Projects.html<http://www.chebucto.ca/%7Eak621/Projects.html>
> R.
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