[nSLUG] OT e-commerce gateways opinions

Smokedart smokedart at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 12:00:44 AST 2009

Since it's for a not-for-profit check out:


Saves you/the non-profit from dealing with the technical issues and the 
percent they keep is quite low - comparable to what you pay for 
transaction processing.


On 23/01/09 12:02 PM, Pat wrote:
> Anybody got good/bad comments about online ecommerce gateways?
> PSIGate seems to have some good chatter on the web and are cheaper than
> TD's Online Mart website prices per month, (The 2 I've checked so far!)
> I thought, surely some here have setup ecommerce sites and have an
> opinion on who to look into, I am setting it up for a not for profit org
> and would like to save as much money as possible
> Thanks, Pat

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