[nSLUG] Netscape

Daniel Morrison draker at gmail.com
Sat Jan 17 16:32:45 AST 2009

2009/1/17 Stephen Gregory <nslug at kernelpanic.ca>:
> Richard Bonner wrote:
>> ***   One can access one's bank account though Chebucto's shell
>> server. I do that and am completely isolated from the Internet. No
>> router, firewall or virus protection is required.
> You are still using the Internet to access those services. I fail to see
> how running the web browser (lynx) on someone else's computer
> (Chebucto's) lowers your level of risk. If anything it is more risky.

Agreed.  If you want secure, remote banking, and don't trust the
Internet, I suggest telephone (touch-tone) banking instead.

That said, personally, I have no problem with banking online.  I've
been doing it for at least five years, if not closer to ten, and have
had no troubles, credit card also, PayPal, etc. I don't even open a
new browser application for online banking.  Am I asking for trouble?
Perhaps.  But I pay the vast majority of bills online, and don't
expend any effort worrying about it. I do only the minimum:
- keep my login credentials safely private
- ensure the browser URL bar indicates the correct site, and that
https/SSL/TLS/whatever it's called now is enabled
- don't accept cookies by default, and make exceptions only 'per session'


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