[nSLUG] Netscape

Stephen Gregory nslug at kernelpanic.ca
Sat Jan 17 13:30:17 AST 2009

Richard Bonner wrote:

> ***   One can access one's bank account though Chebucto's shell 
> server. I do that and am completely isolated from the Internet. No 
> router, firewall or virus protection is required.

You are still using the Internet to access those services. I fail to see
how running the web browser (lynx) on someone else's computer
(Chebucto's) lowers your level of risk. If anything it is more risky.
You now an unencrypted connection to Chebucto. You are trusting
Chebucto's physical and software security. You are also trusting
Chebucto's volunteers completely. It would be trivial to capture your
keystrokes sent to the Chebucto shell server. You still need some form
of virus protection on your local computer to protect against keyboard
loggers (which can wait to upload the log the next time you have an ip

This is not to say that Chebucto's service is insecure, but there is a
lot more to think about.


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