[nSLUG] Netscape

Richard Bonner ak621 at chebucto.ns.ca
Fri Jan 16 09:21:39 AST 2009

On Fri, 16 Jan 2009, Mike Spencer wrote:
> I typically have images, Java, javascript and cookies disabled. 
> Although I "accept" certs when proffered, I never do anything via a 
> web connection for which (AFAIK) their validity or correct handling 
> matters: no banking, shopping, tax forms, gov't forms, securities 
> trading or the like.
> As far as I can see, NN 4.76 doesn't support <IFRAME.... so nothing
> bad gets snuck in that way.  I'm running Linux (obviously? :-) so ActiveX
> and  *.EXEs, however cleverly inserted, don't do anything.

***   Unless one needs such features, I agree that they should be left 
off. I have learned that in the past decade more and more workplaces 
are blocking many of these from their workers anyway - javascript in 

> But of course I have Firefox as a backup when I really, really want to
> look at one of those horrible mare's nests of code and markup that
> most corporate sites are.

***   I agree. I can't fathom why businesses don't adhere to 
accessibility rules. Don't they want to reach the maximum number of
potential customers/clients? I guess they think that eye-candy 
impresses people, but they don't realise how tiring it gets after 
the umteenth time visitors see it. The better sites have "Bypass" 
buttons and/or alternate text for those not wanting, or unable to
use, those "mare's nests".

> I'm checking out NN 4.79 before I hack around much more with
> libraries. It's alleged to have fixed some 4.76 bugs anyhow.
> Now I have to wait for a boring d/l over dialup.
> - Mike

***   Do it at night, as I do. Or schedule another activity for 
during the download time. I rarely have large downloads, but will do 
them over lunch hour, if I need one during the daytime.


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