[nSLUG] Re: Help? libstdc++ question/confusion

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Thu Jan 15 03:34:43 AST 2009

Thanks for the replies.  I should have been alert enough to use ldd
without hand-holding. :-(

The rest of the replies will give me something to work on.  I'll do
some reading and futzing about before I ask the questions that are
already piling up in my head. :-)

Dop> Did you run ldconfig to reinitialise the library cache?

Yeah, and mentioned it down at the end of the post.

Rich> Recompiling the apps under 12.1 often solved the segfaults I was
Rich> getting.

I have two old apps, both working on Slak 10.1, that I want to run and
that are closed-source.  Ergo can't recompile.  The other one is Maple
V, even older than NN 4.76.  One thing at a time, though.

- Mike

Michael Spencer                  Nova Scotia, Canada       .~. 
mspencer at tallships.ca                                     /( )\
http://home.tallships.ca/mspencer/                        ^^-^^

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