[nSLUG] Found: Lost laptop

William Lachance wrlach at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 21:35:53 AST 2009

2009/1/8 Daniel Morrison <draker at gmail.com>:
> 2009/1/8 Colin Conrad <cmconrad79 at gmail.com>:
>> I work for the taxi company.  It has been there for some time now and no
>> one has called looking for it.  My boss asked if I might be able to find
>> the user.  I thought that where it has Debian 5.0 that the best spot I
>> could post a lost Linux machine was the NSLUG mailing list.   I thought
>> that someone here might either own it or know the person that does.
> Ah!  My imediate reaction was that you entered a taxi and found the
> laptop in the back seat.  It might help if you could pinpoint the date
> it was lost.  Potentially the output of 'last' would show the last
> time it was booted, or that someone else logged in (assuming you break
> in as root first).

Wouldn't it make more sense to just temporarily log in as that user to
establish his/her identity? Surely they must have some saved form
settings in their web browser or similar.
William Lachance
wrlach at gmail.com

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