[nSLUG] Found: Lost laptop

Daniel Morrison draker at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 21:12:41 AST 2009

2009/1/8 Colin Conrad <cmconrad79 at gmail.com>:
> I work for the taxi company.  It has been there for some time now and no
> one has called looking for it.  My boss asked if I might be able to find
> the user.  I thought that where it has Debian 5.0 that the best spot I
> could post a lost Linux machine was the NSLUG mailing list.   I thought
> that someone here might either own it or know the person that does.

Ah!  My imediate reaction was that you entered a taxi and found the
laptop in the back seat.  It might help if you could pinpoint the date
it was lost.  Potentially the output of 'last' would show the last
time it was booted, or that someone else logged in (assuming you break
in as root first).

2009/1/8 Colin Conrad <cmconrad79 at gmail.com>:
> Ian Campbell wrote:
>> You can't be serious, you want someone to email you their username and
>> password?
> If it is their user name and password, I can't really see the problem.
> I am not here to steel the info on it, just find the owner.

Ah, well, _you_ know that you're a good guy, but does anyone else?
And, as pointed out earlier, what if it's the wrong laptop?  Someone
will have just sent their username and password in plain text on the
open Internet -- a username & password which may (despite
recommendations) be the same as for other services.

Finally, again as noted before, you can steal the data without needing
the password (in all likelyhood).

Posting to NSLUG was a good idea.  I might suggest also contacting the
Lost & Found offices of local universities. For Dal, there is a list


and I expect the first number would be the best (Security Services -


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