[nSLUG] Found: Lost laptop

Colin Conrad cmconrad79 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 19:38:36 AST 2009

>      I guess there might be better ways of ascertaining the owner of the
> laptop than asking for the password.  For instance, what if you send
> your username and password and Colin then responded, "Sorry, it's not
> you!"
>      :)
>      Ashley
> It might have been better to turn it into the cab company's lost and
> found.
> Either that or instead of asking for a password from jump you could have
> said I found a laptop, if you lost one tell me what make and model it
> is. That way it at least weeds out many of those that would guess
> something else. Then go from there.
I work for the taxi company.  It has been there for some time now and no 
one has called looking for it.  My boss asked if I might be able to find 
the user.  I thought that where it has Debian 5.0 that the best spot I 
could post a lost Linux machine was the NSLUG mailing list.   I thought 
that someone here might either own it or know the person that does. 

I also plan on taking it to the NSLUG meeting.


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