[nSLUG] rogers mobile high speed with ubuntu intrepid

Stephen Gregory nslug at kernelpanic.ca
Wed Jan 7 22:30:24 AST 2009

I recently tested a Rogers Mobile High Speed usb device with Ubuntu
Intrepid. After performing a simple trick the usb device was
immediately recognized by the Gnome Network Manager applet (nm-applet)
and I was able to connect to the Internet. The wireless device apears
as a usb serial device. PPP is used to connect to the Internet. The
speed from Ottawa to a site in Toronto was 2100 kbit/s down and 350
kbit/s up. There was a high latency of 140ms. (In contrast my DSL
connection to the same site has a latency of 25ms.)

The only trick is to switch the usb mode of the device. When first
plugged in the device apears as a cdrom (containing software and
drivers for Windows). To switch the mode to a usb serial device you
need to do a software eject on the cdrom. (Using the eject command in
a shell or clicking on the button in Nautilus, etc.) After ejecting
the cdrom the wireless adapter became a usb serial device.

The only caveat I know of is activating the Rogers SIM card. I don't
think you can do this in Linux. I did not have to activate the card
because it was already activated for me (it is on a corporate

If you don't use or want to use Network Manager to setup the
connection you can use straight pppd. I recommend avoiding the many
howtos on the subject. Have a look at the network manager code instead
(there is specific code for many ISPs including Rogers). Most of the
howtos I read use a brute force method of configuring the device. Also
from what little debug info I was able to gather most are completely
wrong for Rogers. Even the howto I read specifically about Rogers is


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