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Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Wed Jan 7 02:06:40 AST 2009

me> Pereant qui ante nos nostris dixerunt.

May they perish who publish first.

(Lit. May they perish who before us our [ideas] have spoken.)

draker> I don't know Latin, but...

Neither do I.  Flunked out of Latin II in high school despite the
crumbling, antique interlinear translation of The Gallic Wars that I'd
dug up from a musty bookstore.  But I have a neighbor who's a
classicist and I've accumulated some of his gems.  Another is:

    Omnes festinatio ex parte diaboli est.

    All haste is of the devil.

So much for Twitter, eh?

Circa 1990, another classicist friend said to me (approximately), "Why
do I need email?  There are only three or perhaps four people in the
world whose opinions I care about and if I hear from them in a few
months, that will be soon enough."  No diabolic haste there.  (But now
he's teaching an on-line classics course.  Maybe there's more than 3
or 4 people who care about what *he* thinks. :-)

You know, there was a while there a few years ago when CBC Radio
Overnight was rebroadcasting a Finnish program, the current news in
Latin.  Boggle.

- Mike

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