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Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Wed Jan 7 00:18:46 AST 2009

me> Personally, I think many of the younger developers (younger than
me> I, anyhow :-) grew up from the cradle with Windoes and have
me> internalized that pictoral/pictograph interface as the norm.  They
me> can write code but they do so with pictograph IF as a target
me> because that's what "a computer" means to them . The user gets to
me> *choose* one of the things the computer knows how to do. Older
me> developers think more in terms of language.  If you can *say* it,
me> the computer should be able to do what you say.

draker> Brilliantly said. 

Thank you.

draker> if you haven't read "The Elements of Style: UNIX As
draker> Literature" by Thomas Scoville, go read it now:
draker>    http://www.rap.ucar.edu/staff/tres/elements.html

I haven't.  Lessee, tikky-tikky-tik-spop...click.

Right.  That's what I meant to say only I thought it was too long for
an NSLUG  post. ;-)

Pereant qui ante nos nostris dixerunt.

I especially liked:

    ...but after my short scramble up the learning curve [of NT
     hacking] I looked back at UNIX with the feeling I'd been demoted
     from a backhoe to a leaf-blower.

Elsewhere he writes:

    I will admit NT made my life easier in some respects. I found
    myself doing less remembering (names of utilities, command
    arguments, syntax) and more recognizing (solution components
    associated with check boxes, radio buttons, and pull-downs).

Ah-hah!  Unix is like writing. NT and graphic desktop environments are
like...[drumroll] *shopping*! [rimshot]

- Mike

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