[nSLUG] Lock the door...

Daniel Morrison draker at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 11:31:00 AST 2009

I heartily agree with Marius Scurtescu.  The developers' attitude stinks.

I feel that this is becoming all-too commonplace in free software
projects.  The first major, obvious, and most ludicrous example is the
absolutely horrid decisions made by the GTK people regarding the GTK2
'Save as/File Open...' file dialogs.

There seems to be a strong trend towards: we know better than the
user; the back-end software should do all the work automagically just
like in Windows, power users are a scourge upon the face of software
development, and if you don't like it, code your own free software
library. We don't want no stinkin' input from users who actual take
the trouble to post bug reports and suggestions.

Another, much more recent example, is the choice to REMOVE the ability
to simply type the path for an file to upload in firefox. There used
to be two choices: 1) click in the text box and type the file path &
name, or 2) click on 'Browse' and select from that (stinking rotten
GTK2) 'File Open...' dialog.  Now the text box is grayed out, and
clicking it -- surprise -- behaves exactly like clicking on the
'Browse' button.

Somebody decided that the 'simple, guided' method, requiring many
mouse-clicks and potentially *thousands* of stat(2) calls was so much
'better' as to make it mandatory, rather than allow the possibility
that a power user might <GASP!> make a typo by directly typing in (or
dear God, even pasting in) a plain text path.

Yes, I feel very passionate about this. I moved towards Linux 15 years
ago because it allowed me the possibility to explore, learn, and
change how the computer worked, rather than forcing me into a
'standard', closed environment. And now what I see is attempts by
people who come across as very, very arrogant (I know, they're
probably nice guys who are sick and tired of dealing with many stupid
user requests) and who maintain that Linux will be better if it's
'standard', and for all intents and purposes, closed also.

2009/1/6 David Potter <dlpotter at eastlink.ca>:
> those damn users want more (functionality) !
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cups-pdf/+bug/158406

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