[nSLUG] Slow file transfer on my LAN

Ian Campbell ian at slu.ms
Fri Jan 2 12:09:37 AST 2009

On Fri, Jan 02, 2009 at 07:33:54AM -0800, odoepner wrote:
> Hi,
> File transfers in my home LAN never seem to be faster than 2MB/s.
> I saw this on a wired client (with an Nvidia Nforce network controller)
> and a wireless client (my laptop) using wireless/g.
> The file server is an Excito Bubba/2 (has a Gigabit NIC):
> http://www.excito.com/bubba/technical-specifications.html 
> The devices were connected via a Linksys WRTG 54GL router (v1.1) running the
> Linux based firmware DD-WRT v23 SP2 (09/15/06) std (see dd-wrt.com).
> The transer protocols tested were Samba and SCP.
> Any ideas how I could narrow down the problem?

Yes, try testing with iperf instead of either of those. You probably
won't get much faster than a couple MB/s on 802.11g since
realistically you won't get 54mbit/s, so focus on the wired
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