[nSLUG] Acadia University looking for new IT Director

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 15:28:51 AST 2009

Posting the job notice here doesn't stop the powers that
be from making another stupid mistake, but perhaps
if I can enrich the quality of candidates by spreading
the word here and there, my work life might be less


I don't imagine many people of managerial level are on this list, but
if you know of someone who might be qualified and interested,
please forward the link.

There is little hope for open source until the pointy-haired bosses are
PHBs just love to hand off everything to vendors with proprietary solutions
and then when problems arrive they don't have to own them.  I can
recommend some proprietary solutions, but having a knee-jerk
approval of corporate demos without allowing for true evaluation of
open source alternatives is symptomatic of having worked in only one place
all of your life.

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