[nSLUG] Re: Job Opportunity at Chalk

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Sat Feb 21 15:12:37 AST 2009

rb> ***   Can you even open them, or has Microsoft changed the format yet 
rb> again?  )-:

sg> It opened cleanly in Openoffice.

It opens cleanly in /usr/bin/strings, too.

Using the word "open" in this way is allowing MS to take control of
the dialog.  Alas, doing so is now nearly ubiquitous.

In Linux, we open(2) and then we can do *anything we want* with the
contents of a file, using any program we want. If the content embodies
a proprietary encoding of some intended graphic rendering, then
there's no reason to expect, in general, that we should be able to
interpret that encoding.

In Windoes [1], "open" means: "Precisely identify the nature of the
contents of a file by looking at the 3-letter filename extension; look
up, in a MS table, the MS app associated with that TLFNE; on
successful lookup, launch associated app with/upon said file, else
abort, preferably with a supercilious message about getting the right
version of something or other."

If you let The Adversary choose the language of discourse, you cede
the field from the get-go.  Mary Catherine Bateson said, "People who
don't wear shoes learn the languages of people who do, not vice
versa."  To adopt Windoes semantics and metaphors is to buy into the
Microcephalic weltanschauung and act as if MS were Lord of the Shod
and we the shoeless peons.

Sorry, just a bit grumpy today.  I'll just stop before I get into the
part about the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis and................zzzt.

- Mike

[1] Pace Dan Quayle, possibly the perfect iconic representation of the
    Typical User targeted by MS, at least until the rise of GWB.

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