[nSLUG] An open door for open source?

Ian Campbell ian at slu.ms
Mon Feb 16 01:42:58 AST 2009

On Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 01:03:25AM -0400, Mike Spencer wrote:
> >
> > M: Um, run UNIX.
> AFAIK, there's nothing remotely like that in Linux (or *ix,
> for that matter.) Er, is there?

Not that I can think of, but then there's nothing really analogous to
the registry on *ix systems either.

That said, UTF-* support on *ix is still kind of hacky. Certainly
nothing prevents you from putting together a setup that could be
bitten by those types of bugs -- you could have a webapp with a DB
backend that supports UTF-123817239128 and a frontend that doesn't,
and you'd end up in more-or-less the same place.

You already have people evading filtering software by using utf*

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