[nSLUG] An open door for open source?

Hatem Nassrat hnassrat at gmail.com
Sun Feb 15 23:23:40 AST 2009

On Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 03:12:11AM +0000, Ian Campbell wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 15, 2009 at 10:42:11PM -0400, D G Teed wrote:
> > S: In your professional opinion, how can people avoid adware?
> > 
> > M: Um, run UNIX.
> Sure you can't own the system, but would you (or 99% of other users)
> really notice an extra process calling itself:
> ian      10687  0.0  0.2 189960 16756 ?        S    Feb11   0:00 kmix -session 1013bd9deca000123390698300000058910009_1233907838_851717
> ... so, uh, yeah, that's a little simplistic.

I think he was talking specifically about adware, and unix in a Gui-Less
way. I haven't yet seen adware in the form of message broadcasts, in a
unix shell. I think were safe in a unix shell for the time being.

But your right, there is no perfect software, even if it is really
simple. That said, I think its an argument for open source, since you
can fix the vulnerability yourself (if you can or want) and not be
imprisoned by some company until they release an *update* (if and when
they do).

Hatem Nassrat

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